Engine Harmonic Enhancement

Engineer a signature sound

Getting the desired acoustic signature from an engine is often an expensive proposition involving tooling, induction tubing, balance shafts, active exhaust, and other mechanical measures.

But tomorrow’s drivers demand the perfect listening experience, while tomorrow’s regulators have environmental and fuel efficiency demands of their own – and often these demands are in conflict with one another.

Bose Engine Harmonic Enhancement is designed to help reduce these and other industry pressures, helping to amplify specific parts of the engine’s sound output to create desired characteristics. Because when we drive a sports car, for example, we want a ‘sporty’ feel. While technologies like high-compression or turbo-charged engines yield great benefits, they can also negatively impact the desired cabin sound experience.

EHE does the same thing electronically that has been done for years mechanically – it makes selected aspects of the engine’s output louder to emphasize desirable characteristics. But because it is an electronic solution, it enhances the engine sound in the cabin while reducing the additional cost, weight and effort of using mechanical alternatives such as tuned induction pipes or special exhaust valves.

This means engineers are free to create the best in-cabin experience possible. And to make it even easier to tailor that perfect sound signature, the proprietary Bose EHE toolset puts fine tuning in the engineers’ hands, giving them the flexibility to find the vehicle’s full sonic potential.