QuietComfort Road Noise Control

A quieter, lighter, more efficient car

QuietComfort Road Noise Control uses a broadband cancellation algorithm, together with accelerometers, microphones, and the vehicle’s audio system to reduce road, tire, and chassis noise in the cabin over a wide range of frequencies.

But it’s what QuietComfort RNC unlocks for engineers that really matters.

Traditional mechanical methods of reducing low frequency noise from the road, tires, and chassis – including thick insulation, undercoating, and heavier chassis components – have meant adding significant mass to vehicles. That added mass has a negative impact on things like fuel economy and – critical for electric vehicles – vehicle range.

With QuietComfort RNC, those compromises can be a thing of the past. Engineers no longer need to apply their talents to finding ways of integrating features that effectively reduce performance and driving dynamics.

And then there are the benefits for the end user – the driver and passengers. QuietComfort RNC is based on over 30 years of industry-leading active noise cancellation and psychoacoustic research which has been applied to our automotive portfolio in the past decade. It allows drivers and passengers to experience world class overall noise reduction – even in entry-level vehicles. Simply put, QuietComfort RNC is a class apart.