Electric Vehicle (EV) Sound Enhancement

Let inspiration be the guide

Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement lets inspiration guide carmakers, helping them create the exact sound signature they want in electric vehicles.

Because let’s face it, sometimes we want more than the standard whir of an electric vehicle.

Now, with EVSE, that’s possible. In fact, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Custom-engineered powertrain sounds – that are hand-picked – are played through the vehicle’s sound system, making it possible to transform the sound signature of electric vehicles into anything.

By combining data from the vehicle’s motor – vehicle speed, motor torque and pedal position – with pre-recorded sound files and a proprietary algorithm, EVSE can create whatever acoustic signature carmakers want for their electric vehicles.

And because EVSE is an electronic solution, it enhances the engine sound in the cabin without the additional cost and weight of mechanical alternatives. This means engineers are free to create the best in-cabin experience possible, without worrying about the impact on other aspects of the car design.