CES 2020

Enhancing Life through Sound

Hearing is one of the most powerful human senses. This year during CES, we demonstrated our vision for how sound will influence in-vehicle, wearable, and in-home experiences. We believe our future products and technologies will enhance people’s lives through audio, both inside and outside the car.

Music Awakens the Senses and Inspires the Drive

We believe that great music is for everyone. At Bose, music playback is at our core and always will be. During CES, we demonstrated our sound systems in a broad spectrum of some of the world’s hottest new vehicles that just recently entered global markets.

In-Car Audio Augmented Reality

Our Boulevard AR concept lets drivers stay heads-up and hands-free. Become instantly in the know while driving around town with Bose AR capability. Just move your head to access information from a multitude of apps.

Looks Good and Sounds Even Better

Enhanced sound performance with Bose Frames

An exciting new concept we call HyperLens pairs Bose Frames with a vehicle’s standard sound system to enhance the audio performance in multiple ways. Music sounds better, and signals like navigation, warnings, and phone calls sound clear to you but inaudible to others. It’s an instant upgrade that seems like magic.

Live Smart, Drive Smarter

Aware Signal Steering manages navigation prompts, warnings, and phone conversations that give drivers spatial context. Sounds are rendered from the places where they make the most sense, leading to a more intuitive driving experience.

A new concept we’ve named AR Conference separates phone call voices into distinct locations around the vehicle—much like a conference table, allowing the listener to better understand voices and improve comprehension.

Hear What You Want to Hear

SeatCentric Call Placement lets passengers continue to enjoy their music while the driver discretely handles a phone call through UltraNearfield headrest speakers. It also allows for a call to be transferred from the driver to the passenger through the speakers.

Rear Seat Volume Attenuation focuses the vehicle sound system on the front row while maintaining the soundstage and spectral response. At the same time, rear-seat passengers can enjoy a movie or music via brought-in device, without distraction from the front seats.

Bose Products for Home and On the Go


Heads-up and Hands-free Never Looked So Good

Imagine a truly remarkable personal audio experience without anything in or on your ears. Bose Frames, a line of stylish audio sunglasses, let you listen to music, take phone calls, access your voice assistant, or explore various Audio Augmented Reality experiences.

Our new line of headphones and wearables gives you the power to communicate better, stay informed, focus more intensely, be entertained, and engage with the world around you—all with your head up, not glued to a screen.


Taking Form, Function, and Fun Up a Notch

We’ve updated the design of our home and portable speakers to make them as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. We’ve enhanced their smart capabilities, so you can enjoy a complete Bose experience that will truly astonish.

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