The Evolution of Sound: Managing In-Vehicle Audio with Bose

Listening to music while driving around could be considered a cathartic experience. Yet something as simple as audio within the car encompasses more than just the vehicle sound system. There is also the notion of “active sound management,” where the sound system in the car is used to cancel things out, like unpleasant engine noise.

"Now we're looking beyond just music into a whole new realm of being able to control any sound in any car at any time while you're driving. . . "

Like Affectiva, Bose Corporation has been making high fidelity music playback systems for cars, for over 30 years. Bose’s focus inside the car includes parts of the sound system that actually convey sound to your ears, such as amplifiers and speakers. Bose is also evolving beyond simple audio playback to controlling any car sound to create the most optimal driving experience possible. 

In our latest episode of the “Affectiva Asks” podcast, we interviewed John Pelliccio, Head of Product Communications, Automotive Systems at Bose Corporation. During the interview, he talks to us about his background, the challenges auto manufacturers face with regard to audio within the vehicle, and how understanding something as simple as audio can make a huge difference in your automotive experience.

Listen to the podcast: