the path of vehicle sound

Helping carmakers build better cars

Light. Efficient. Better sounding. Better performing. Carmakers need a way to enable these benefits without additional hardware. Active Sound Management is a smart way for manufacturers to reduce, enhance, and tune engine sounds to their precise specifications, making your ride more enjoyable.

Engine Harmonic Cancellation

Carmakers can leverage Engine Harmonic Cancellation to automatically reduce undesirable noise from the powertrain. The algorithm uses the car’s audio system to generate acoustically opposite sound waves, reducing the unwanted noise.

Engine Harmonic Enhancement

Bose engineers collaborate with carmakers to bring the signature sound of your car’s engine to life. The algorithm works with the vehicle’s sound system to enhance the spectrum of select engine tones, providing refined and desirable powertrain sound inside the cabin.

Quietcomfort Road Noise Control

A new active, adaptive technology that’s ready for the next generation of vehicles. Bose Road Noise Control, or RNC, is a remedy to what’s long been a challenge to carmakers: road noise. Rough road surfaces, tire treads, and chassis vibration are major sources of vehicle noise. Traditionally, carmakers use passive countermeasures to address these. Unfortunately they all involve compromises, like added weight, diminished vehicle handling, and reduced efficiency.

Bose looked beyond these traditional measures to find a high-performing solution – with fewer compromises. Our RNC technology noticeably reduces road noise that interferes with your music, phone calls, conversations, or your peace and quiet.

Electric Vehicle (EV)
Sound Enhancement

When you drive a great vehicle, all your senses come alive. Carmakers often strive to achieve a signature sound.

For vehicles without internal combustion engines, custom-engineered powertrain sounds played through the vehicle’s sound system can enhance the driving experience.

Bose has created a technology solution designed for electrically powered vehicles, enabling carmakers to craft unique and compelling powertrain sounds for the in-cabin experience.

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The Future of Active
Sound Management

As an industry leader in noise cancellation technology, we’re always researching new ways to improve how you can experience sound in a car. Imagine an even quieter ride without random broadband noise, such as wind. At Bose, our future is full of promise, with exciting discoveries to help make every drive better.

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