Young female artists were heard loud and clear at this year’s MixHer training event

On the weekend of February 23–25, a select group of 20 female-identifying Audio Engineers headed to Nashville’s iconic, state-of-the-art East Iris Studios for MixHer, an immersive training event as part of a larger initiative to amplify women in the music industry. In addition to the Bose ongoing Turn The Dial program, which highlights emerging female artists in partnership with Porsche, Bose was thrilled to team up with She Is The Music (SITM), Dolby Labs, Universal Music Group (UMG), The Recording Academy, EngineEars, East Iris Studios, and the Grammy award-winning music executives who attended to close the gender and opportunity gaps in the music industry.

Not only did the 20 attendees learn the ins and outs of mixing with Dolby Atmos and earn their certifications, they also had an opportunity to demo their tracks to Grammy award-winning producers and executives, powered by 3DX technology from our Bose Dolby Atmos-equipped Porsche Cayenne concept vehicle.

Having access to the vehicle meant that, for the first time, the artists could hear their mixes as they intended them to be heard, in the most controlled setting possible––unlike at home or in the studio. From the car, the artists also received one-on-one coaching and instruction. And by partnering with UMG, we’re able to fine-tune our technology to give the artists the most authentic listening experiences possible.

The event also featured a panel discussion, including MixHer’s founder, Ann Minicielli, and the sound mixer for She Is The Music founder, Alicia Keys. At night, participants were treated to live performances by professional musicians.

“We’re excited to have worked with such iconic and innovative companies in the music and technology industries to support the cause of promoting and empowering women in music. Bose is passionate about delivering immersive, life-like sound to consumers and enjoyed the chance to help enable these women to follow their passions in music mixing. We’re proud to be a part of this collaboration and look forward to seeing how the event participants utilize their new skills in mixing in immersive Dolby Atmos in the future!” — Nick Larsen, Sr. Manager, Business Development & Partnerships, Bose Automotive

Participant working on her computer at MixHer Event
Participant smiling at MixHer Event
Participant working on switchboard at MixHer Event