Feel the power that stirs your soul

Serious bass that won’t be ignored.

Working closely together with Mazda yields remarkable rewards. Our new BassMatch technology moves the front bass sources out of the doors to front cowl-side locations above the footwell, like the corners in a room ─ the best subwoofer placement in your home.


At Bose, we pride ourselves on our relationships with the world’s great carmakers. We work as a team, and that “1 + 1 = more” combination can result in breakthroughs. This is our newest: integrating the front bass sources into the body of the car, combined with a rear bass enclosure in a way that makes the listener the center of the action.


Bass. The low frequencies. There are many names for it. But we all know what we’re talking about here.  It’s what gives music its foundation, its backbone. While the melodies can be light and lyrical, the low notes are steady, and anchor the music, providing a constant heartbeat for everything else being played and sung.

Delivering low frequencies becomes an innovation high point.

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Where you place speakers influences how they perform. You probably knew that, but thought that in a car, there are few ideal locations. The doors are a go-to solution but can pose challenges. We’ve been dealing with these limitations for decades, but thought we could untie our hands and reach for the optimal. So we worked with Mazda to see if we could locate bass speakers where we’d like them in a room. That means in the corners, so the deep sound can radiate and reflect even more. Together, we found a way to embed bass enclosures in the front corners, above the footwells. We complement the forward bass sources with a rear woofer, to round out the system and envelope the listener.


When you take the wheel, it should be all about you. Enter the cabin, and you have a sense of freedom with control. Then, turn on the Bose sound system, and your music comes alive. Because the bass sounds have more room to expand and reflect on surfaces, you feel an impact that grabs you and keeps you going, to wherever you want to be. It feels solid and substantial, like a primal force has awakened and taken hold. It reinforces the total impression you’re getting while driving this lively, responsive car that makes you at one with the road.

BassMatch technology is available
in these select vehicles