Small car. Big sound.

Available with the Bose Personal Plus sound system, complete with 8 high-performance speakers, including two UltraNearfield speakers in the driver's headrest, andPersonalSpace technology.

Crafted for you

This sound system has been designed and engineered specifically for the unique cabin acoustics of this vehicle. It reflects our obsession with bringing the power of sound to you. We apply our expertise in cabin analysis, listening evaluation and custom-tuned equalization to deliver an accurate and lifelike listening experience you’ll enjoy with every ride.

8 High-Performance Speakers

Feel the power of your drive. Become enveloped in rich, spacious sound, with each speaker carefully and precisely engineered for optimum performance.

The Bose Personal Plus System

UltraNearfield headrest speakers work with PersonalSpace signal processing to wrap you in 360 degrees of sound for an even greater sense of depth and immersion.