30 Years
Bose x Mazda

Defying convention together

The power of sound meets the joy of driving. Bose and Mazda share a passion for pushing past the norm and believe that premium experiences require bold solutions. From acoustic detail to emotional impact, every passenger should feel as if their car is their own music venue. There’s more to this 30-year collaboration than meets the ear. Journey through the decades with us.


Where our journey began

Powerful bass and impactful sound. These were the audio challenges for the Mazda RX-7. In search of outstanding sound, Mazda came across our Acoustic Wave Cannon technology – a bass reproductive system with a high-power woofer. But how do you shrink a 3.6m pipe to fit in a car? Bend it. Again, and again. This innovation led to the first premium sound system in a Mazda car.

Mike Rosen
Principal Engineer
Bose Automotive Systems

“There was a great natural chemistry between the Mazda team members and the Bose team members from the very first meeting.”


Top down, volume up 

A brilliant audio experience with the roof open seems impossible. But not for Bose and Mazda. We added an EQ switch that adjusts the sound when the top is down. And placed UltraNearfield speakers in the headrests. Plus, the TrueSpace technology sends signals to each ear, wrapping you in wide, spacious sound. The result? A lifelike listening experience like no other.

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Matthew Valbuena
In-Vehicle Technology Engineer

Mazda North American Operations

“For many people, the best sounding audio system they have is actually their vehicle.”


The bass breakthrough

The newer generation of Mazda cars saw another breakthrough. Moving the woofers from the door panels to above the kick panel, meant richer audio and a sleeker design. Plus, we placed a subwoofer in the rear to match the bass across the cabin. This BassMatch technology also came to life in the all-electric Mazda MX-30 – zero engine sound set the stage for a more detailed audio experience. 

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Frederic Hartnick
Engineering Manager

Mazda Motor Europe

“Everyone who is working for Mazda, and as well for Bose, are people with passion.”