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Bose ASM is a powerful suite of sound and noise management technologies designed to help carmakers realize their vision. By applying active solutions to mechanical problems, ASM technology tackles the toughest noise and sound management issues to create in-cabin experiences that truly transport drivers and passengers. Meet the expectations of tomorrow’s consumers. Reduce the number of trade-offs. Empower engineers to go further.

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Discover a future of innovation with Bose ASM

Designing vehicles is a delicate balance. How to achieve the perfect in-cabin experience without adding mass, affecting fuel economy, or decreasing electric vehicle range? Bose ASM allows engineers to match the sound of their vehicle to their vision. Without the weight or performance compromises that come with traditional mechanical methods.

With Bose ASM technology at the heart of a vehicle project, engineers can explore new ways to push the boundaries of the vehicles they create.

“It’s not about what ASM does, it’s about what it enables carmakers to do.”

  • John Feng, Category Leader, Active Sound Management

QuietComfort Road Noise Control

Tame the sound of the road while reducing overall mass and increasing vehicle range.

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Engine Harmonic Cancellation

Engineer cars with greater freedom, fewer trade-offs, and more desirable powertrain sounds.

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Engine Harmonic Enhancement

Fine tune the in-cabin experience and create the exact acoustic signature drivers want.

Discover EHE

Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement

Discover a new palette of possibilities for the sound signature of electric vehicles.

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Putting carmakers in the driver’s seat

Bose ASM technologies are complementary and flexible. They work alone or in combination to deliver the target sound. The carmaker is fully in control of its project at all times, using Bose’s powerful suite of tools to achieve its goals. Bose provides consulting and implementation support, including expert tuning and system integration services. All to help create the best possible in-cabin experience for a new vehicle.

Algorithms that work on multiple hardware platforms

The modern car is a network of digital technology and software built into the chassis of an automobile. In this new world of automotive design, whole-vehicle platforms are replacing individual processing units and compatibility is king. With this in mind, Bose ASM technologies are designed to run on multiple industry-leading computing platforms, enabled by audio hardware from multiple suppliers.

In other words, Bose ASM doesn’t need to be coupled to a Bose music system, which allows almost any carmaker to access this unique set of end-user experiences.

Take a look under the hood

Over 30 years of active noise cancellation and psychoacoustic research applied to automotive

Research is at the core of what we do. Ever since the first commercial active noise cancelling headset was introduced in 1989, Bose engineers have been looking for ways to improve and apply the principles of noise and sound management. The Bose legacy of excellence continues to pioneer new and unexpected ways of reimagining what’s possible.

Here’s how we have applied decades of research into noise cancellation and psychoacoustics to automotive engineering.

How QuietComfort Road Noise Control works

Bose QuietComfort RNC uses sensors to detect chassis vibrations before they become noise transmitted to the vehicle cabin. The algorithm then delivers a cancellation signal, played through the vehicle’s sound system inside the car, reducing the low frequency noise heard by the occupants. It adapts to different road surfaces, tires, and changing vehicle characteristics. That means that QuietComfort RNC performance remains adaptable and effective throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, unlike traditional mechanical solutions that are fixed at the design stage and can wear out as the vehicle ages.


How Engine Harmonic Cancellation reduces powertrain noise

Using information about the engine from the vehicle CAN bus and strategically placed microphones in the cabin, EHC technology continuously monitors and measures narrowband engine and driveline noise. The adaptive technology utilizes a proprietary algorithm to target specific harmonics and cancel much of the unwanted noise. EHC can manage multiple noise sources at once, each with multiple noise harmonics.


How Engine Harmonic Enhancement works

EHE uses sound system components and sensors to amplify specific engine harmonics and other sounds to improve the driving experience inside a vehicle cabin. It works primarily by enhancing the harmonics generated by rotating sources such as engines, drivelines, propeller shafts, or electric motors. But the latest generation of EHE includes the ability to generate wave-file-based sounds. This expands the possibilities for engineers in search of the perfect acoustic signature for vehicles that don’t generate their own powertrain noises, such as electric vehicles without internal combustion engines.


How Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement works

EVSE uses custom-engineered sounds played through the vehicle’s sound system to transform the acoustic signature of electric vehicles. It works by analysing information such as vehicle speed, motor torque and pedal position, and then applying a proprietary algorithm to generate sounds that can change dynamically based on those inputs. This allows carmakers and engineers to create whatever acoustic signature they want for their electric vehicles – the possibilities are nearly limitless.


Noise management technologies for different challenges

Cabin noise has many characteristics, including harmonic content and bandwidth. Engineers have long tried to master these elements. Traditional, passive measures have been used effectively for years to reduce high-frequency noise. But they require significant mass to address low-frequency noise. With Engine Harmonic Cancellation and QuietComfort Road Noise Control, engineers can more effectively reduce low-frequency noise while adding minimal weight.



Addressing engine noise

Road noise and engine noise are different problems that require different solutions. Engine noise has strong narrow-band, harmonic characteristics related to the engine’s RPM. These can be reduced electronically using Bose Engine Harmonic Cancellation and data from the engine.


Tackling road noise

Road noise is a different challenge. It has random broadband characteristics resulting from uneven pavement, bumps and potholes. That makes it a more complex problem to solve, whether using passive or active solutions. Bose QuietComfort RNC detects the noise before it reaches the cabin and reduces it.

Smart, adaptive, and long-lasting

Active solutions like QuietComfort RNC and EHC use microphones to adapt to changing conditions over time. That’s not the case with passive solutions, which are fixed during design and cannot adapt to changes in the road or the vehicle itself as it ages.


Solutions for every type of vehicle

Noise and sound issues impact most vehicles, regardless of how much they cost. Bose ASM solutions can benefit vehicles in every segment – from entry-level to sports to luxury vehicles, as well as SUVs and trucks. Bose ASM solutions can be used with base-level or premium-level sound systems from multiple manufacturers – with the understanding that sound system components and system architecture are factors in setting ASM performance targets.

A partnership for the road ahead

Building a technology story with the brand synonymous with sound

Every vehicle is different. There are different technical, sound, cost, and design considerations. A partnership with Bose means giving the right thought to all aspects of a new vehicle project.

Our expert consultation and system tuning services are part of every Bose ASM offering. We work with carmakers throughout their project to achieve their desired in-cabin sound experience. And with tiered offerings and flexibility in how ASM technologies are applied, we can add value to both premium and cost-sensitive projects.

Building a legacy for the road ahead

For tomorrow’s drivers, technology is more than a ‘nice-to-have’. It’s a must-have. When they choose the cars they want to drive, they will be buying more than an automobile – they will be buying an experience, and that comes with a technology story. With Bose as a strategic partner, carmakers and tier one automotive suppliers can strengthen that story with brand equity built on decades of class-leading innovation in the technology space.

A new era of automotive design defined by trends in autonomy, connectivity and electrification requires a rethink of all aspects of the industry. Together, Bose and automotive manufacturers can redefine the parameters of automotive engineering for generations to come.

Together we can build a legacy for the road ahead.

“Bose can help carmakers tell a really strong technology story.”

  • Michael Everman, Senior Product Manager, Active Sound Management