Discover the Road Ahead

Bose is researching and developing new concepts and experiences that can shape the future of in-cabin listening.


Consumer experiences are at the heart of everything we do. We’re all about providing holistic experiences that support things people want today and in the future. And we’re looking at these experiences through the lens of domains: Enjoy my ride, Personalize my experience, Connect with others, Maximize my time, Get where I’m going, and Enhance my safety & well-being. These experiences provide a powerful lens for Bose to imagine and explore solutions that delight the consumer and enhance the drive.

"We’re in a time where vehicles are evolving beyond simple transportation. The consumer is looking for a smart driving space serving any purpose – work, entertainment, relaxation, recreation.” - Peter Kosak, Vice President, Bose Automotive

Enjoy my ride

Immerse yourself in your music and entertainment without the disruption of outside noise.

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Personalize my experience

Tune into your own personal sound experience with customized listening for every seat.

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Connect with others

Enjoy crystal clear conversations and seamless connectivity where nothing is lost along the way.

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Maximize my time

Get the most out of your time in the vehicle with technology that enhances in-cabin productivity.

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Get where I’m going

Cut out the distractions to arrive at your destination safely, efficiently and hassle-free.

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Enhance my safety & well-being

Feel at ease in a vehicle designed to keep you safe, calm and aware of your environment.

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Technology Categories

Focusing on the consumer experience inspires continuous research and innovation in music – and beyond.  Our future technologies span three categories: In-Cabin Experiences, Active Sound Management, and of course, Music.


We’re continuing to expand what’s possible inside the vehicle – making existing experiences better and creating new ones.

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Active Sound Management

We’ve taken our innovations and experience in noise cancellation and brought them to the road.

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Reproducing immersive and lifelike music is – and always will be – at the very heart of what we do.

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