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At Bose, we're experience-driven. We continue to advance premium sound systems for all categories of automobiles. Today and in the future, we want people to have even more control over their listening experiences. So we're designing technologies to provide individualized audio for a distinct experience in every seat.

Our comprehensive vision is to enhance every sound in the vehicle, going beyond music to include phone calls, voice commands, vehicle safety warnings, navigation prompts, and even in-car communication between passengers. We’re creating new, valuable experiences that consumers desire in vehicles of tomorrow.

In-Cabin Experience Technologies

SeatCentric Call Placement concept

Most of us are familiar with the challenges of having Bluetooth phone conversations in the car. The music stops as soon as the phone rings. Sometimes voices aren’t clear. Passengers in the car can hear the conversation, giving the driver very little privacy. And whatever everyone was listening to has to wait until the call is over. Bose SeatCentric Call Placement technology will allow drivers to talk more privately, while passengers enjoy uninterrupted playback of their entertainment audio. 

Using headrest-mounted UltraNearfield speakers, Bose SeatCentric Call Placement presents phone call audio to any seat equipped with these special loudspeakers. Drivers can receive phone calls from whichever virtual location they prefer, improving privacy and intelligibility. Everyone hears what they want, whenever they choose.

SeatCentric Call Placement supports these experience domains:

SeatCentric Aware Signal Steering

As a driver, it can sometimes feel like you need an extra pair of eyes to cover the road, the visual navigation assistance and the environment around you. And audible awareness signals or route prompts can often get lost among the noise of music or passengers. With so much to concentrate on all at once, trying to juggle it all can affect your safety, cognition and general journey enjoyment.  

Bose SeatCentric Aware Signal Steering technology improves driver awareness by putting sounds in the most meaningful places around the cabin. A blind spot warning could come from the direction of the hazard, such as the left rear. Or a right navigation prompt could come from the right. The technology renders safety prompts, directions, phone calls and more. We're organizing your audio landscape for smarter, more confident driving.

SeatCentric Volume Control concept

Different opinions on music volume are a surprisingly common source of friction while driving in a car with other people. It’s not often that a driver and a passenger like listening to music at the exact same volume, and sometimes it depends on the song that’s playing. We’ve all been there at some point. Your sound experience matters, if you really want to enjoy the ride.

The solution is individual, customizable volume adjustment. With UltraNearfield speakers placed in the headrests of the seats, Bose SeatCentric Volume Control will allow the front row passengers to enjoy the same music at the right volume for them. The music becomes a personal experience, and the cabin can remain in perfect harmony.

SeatCentric Volume Control supports these experience domains:

SeatCentric Rear Seat Attenuation concept

When driving with others, people have been limited to a single experience – all passengers have to listen to the same thing. If rear seat passengers want to listen to their own devices through headphones, the in-cabin music competes with their enjoyment. And while a traditional fader control can lower the volume in the rear seat, it also has an adverse impact on the sound stage and spaciousness in the front row. At Bose, we believe passengers should be able to enjoy a more personalized experience.

SeatCentric Rear Seat Attenuation (RSA) delivers more freedom for backseat passengers by lowering the entertainment audio heard from the cabin. So while those in the front seats can keep enjoying music at decent volume levels, the rear seat is kept quieter for passengers to listen to brought-in devices and rear-seat entertainment, or simply relax in a quieter space. RSA provides much better attenuation in the rear seats than a conventional fader control. The technology precisely controls each speaker to actively cancel the sound reaching the rear seats, while simultaneously delivering accurate and spacious audio to the front seats.

SeatCentric Rear Seat Attenuation supports these experience domains: