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We’re obsessed with it. How it can touch, move, unite, empower. And, of course, how it can transform the driving experience. People experience something special in every car we’re found in. An audio experience unlike any other.

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The Taycan.
It’s electric.
And it’s all Porsche.



  • The All-New 2020 Corvette Stingray is coming your way



  • An American legend is reborn. With a sound system to match the unbridled power and instinctive responsiveness of the ride.

  • Bose Performance Series is calibrated to handle the effects of lightning-fast acceleration and on-the-dime braking, so the listening experience goes the distance.

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That’s what we’re all about at Bose Automotive. We work to bring better sound to every drive, because it matters. To everyone.


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The all-new Mazda3 with BassMatch